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School Safety

Meet Iggy.  Iggy is a Banded Fijian Iguana and is a representative for the Fiji National Disaster Management Office.  Iggy was developed by Health Songs International for Save the Children Fiji and features in a film along with some other animated friends, that teaches children about Emergency and Safety Procedures for School.  For the complete film, follow the links below.

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I think we’d all agree that the phrase ‘Standard Operating Procedures for School Safety’ doesn’t exactly conjure up feelings of excitement in most of us, however we’d probably also all agree that  having a working knowledge of these safety procedures can mean the difference between life and death.  Because of this it’s of the utmost importance that when developing materials to teach DRR, we understand the principles of how to grab and hold children’s attention.

From the outset we decided that we wanted children to be emotionally involved with the key messages and so excited that they wanted to share what they learned with other, friends and family.  So, we got our heads together with Save the Children DRR staff and Iggy and his friends are the result.

The content of the film draws from evidence-based, consensus-based action-oriented key messages for risk reduction and safety. The feel of the film however is warm, familiar, light, friendly and caring. To make the film more lesson (and teacher) friendly, we divided it into 7 sections.  Each section explains to children how to prepare for and how to safe during a specific incident.


Part 1.  Children’s Rights.

Part 4.  Fire Safety.

Part 7.  Lockdown & Safe Family Reunification

Part 2. SOPs.

Part 5.  Earthquake.

Part 3.  Building Evacuation.

Part 6.  Storms & Floods.