About Health Songs International
Everyone learns better and remembers longer if their learning experience activates their emotions, captures their imagination, harnesses their creativity and engages them both mentally and physically.

Health Songs International exists to meet the growing need among the development community to find new and creative ways to teach lifesaving key messages.  We have earned an international reputation for making stunningly simple, highly engaging, utterly memorable and often wildly fun learning experiences for development work.  Whilst our songs and film have gained a lot of attention we are equally proud of our ability to find low cost and simple solution to costly and complex problems.

We have gained a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Sanitation, Water and Hygiene (WaSH) and Community Health.  We have a strong focus on capacity building and local partnerships especially through collaboration, training and workshops.

Some of our previous partnerships include MSF, IOM, Save the Children and UNISRD.

If you believe that the success of your program depends on how well rooted your key messages are then you owe it to yourself to talk with us. If you have an idea and want to explore it or need an idea and want to develop it, then we can help.