Animation and Film
From Stem Boat Willie to Ben10, for almost 90 years, kids of every age have been enthralled with animation so if you’re like us and are serious about grabbing attention then it seems to make really good sense to use animation.  Our design team will work with you to create charming characters that look, sound and behave like those you’re wanting to reach.  A great example of such a character is the lovely Lani, a Fijian primary school child with a good knowledge of DRR.  Lani is one of the characters in the School Disaster Management film which Health Songs International produced with Save the Children for the Fijian Ministry of Education.  This project was funded by the EU.

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Hybrid Animation/Live Action
The Schools Disaster Management film also features the wise and agile ‘Iggy the Iguana’ an expert on DRR.  We superimposed Lani and Iggy over live action footage effectively putting them in the classroom interacting with the children.  This style of production though technically more difficult than standard full animation or film can be extremely versatile and well choreographed interactions between actors and animations can both enthrall and delight an audience.

Songs Inclusion
The Fiji School Disaster Management films gave us a great opportunity to include several of our DRR songs, ‘Building Evacuation Rules 2,3,4’ and ‘Get Down Low and Go Go Go!’ Also included are four hip hop backing tracks for one of the other activities where the children are asked to write their own rap song about the lessons.

Full Animation
Full animation is generally a more expensive option than hybrid live action/animation but for shorter presentations and music clips it’s ideal. Our QuitEasy presentation is a great example of the perfect trifecta of a well-written song with a lifesaving message told in animation.  Talking about ‘your smoking addiction’ can be a touchy subject at the best of times but this unique and unexpected approach has proven to be a much less confrontational way to start the conversation.  The song and animation went on to become a mobile phone app entitled QuitEasy.  (See our page on Communication Technology)