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WASH Stories.  The Learner’s Pack (Pakistan Edition)
WASH has always been a passion of ours.  We think everyone has the right to be informed about these simple practices that can prevent illness and in many cases even prevent death.  It’s clear to us that well planned materials and well throught through lessons on WASH increase the opportunity for learners to retain and recall lifesaving WASH messages and that’s the reason why we started developing a series of WASH illustrations for Pakistan.
Each illustration tells a story in itself however together they tell stories of contamination and the interventions that prevent illness.

Games and Other Cool Stuff
There are a number of products that we are currently working on that will help WASH facilitators conduct clinics and lessons.

Flash cards
These are always popular and are a great guide for conversation.  Large enough to be visible for group work, learning the stories from the flash cards will provide the foundation for all of the other activities. The flash cards come as standard A4 replicas of the playing cards with a full description on the reverse side to assist facilitators.

Poster and Wall Chart
The posters explain each of the contamination stories and the associated interventions and provide a very quick reference especially when playing any of the game

Board Game
This is really fun and safe way to learn about mitigation.  The game is configured in such a way that players ca either choose to be cautious and mitigate risk or chance it and learn a tough lesson or two.  We’ve stacked the game so that there is a lot of tension and excitement at the end creating a wonderful and memorable learning experience.

Playing Cards
This set of 54 playing cards can be used for a variety of games.  The goal is always:
1.  Complete a contamination story
2.  Place at least 1 intervention card to prevent illness
These cards are sequence coded so new players can connect them without difficulty to make up stories and also to offer a ‘quick-check’ for facilitators.  We’ll provide a set of play instructions for these games but encourage others to make up their own games.

Colouring Book
Colouring in is a great way to engage small children as they learn the WASH stories.

Sticker Book
Sticker books provide a way for children and even adults to understand and make decisions about hygiene in a fun and colourful way.If you have other ideas of products you’d like us to develop we’d love to hear from you.