Now That We’ve Got Your Attention
In this first blog I want to touch briefly on the topic of ‘Attention Seeking’.  How often this term is thrown in a bad light.  We’ve all known someone who speaks louder, wears the bright flamboyant clothes, does death defying party tricks and just generally commands attention.  We call them attention seekers because the primary motive seems to be ‘look at me’ , which we all do.

Rather than dismiss these quirky friends of ours, why not try to apply some of their tactics to engaging your audience (your clients) with messages that do more than just shock or entertain.

The Guillotine
In my home town there was a street evangelist who carted around a very large Guillotine (yes like from the French revolution) and he would ask a ‘member of the public’ to step forward and put their head on the block.  Basically a mock execution.  Yeah I know horrible right however he spread this process out over a 15 minute period and would gather a crowd of around 500 each time.  He would weave his key message through the unfolding drama culminating in the dropping of the blade.  Needless to say it was a trick and the ‘member of the public’ would walk away unharmed.  BTW I’m not recommending you copy this idea.

So what is it you want to say and how will you draw a crowd, build expectation and deliver something that creates a lasting memory?
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